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H-E-B has coerced the city to for the block of S. Main Avenue between César E. Chávez Boulevard and Arsenal Street as part of their incentive to build a downtown store. This is an irrevocable decision in exchange for a short-term promise: a small urban market that will remain open for at least 5 years. Furthermore, this block of Main was given to the City by the Federal Government for public use only. (See the deed here.)


Because this portion of S. Main Avenue will be privatized this summer, we will be losing an important north-south connection, particularly for pedestrians and bike riders.

Our streets are our city's circulation system. When you eliminate public access by walling off even a small portion of a public street, you risk choking off the entire circulation network.

We need a development that incorporates good urban design and supports the Lone Star Community Plan and the goals of SA2020: a livable, sustainable urban core. What we do NOT need is a corporation co-opting public property, so that they can wall an entire campus into a ‘private superblock.’ This will make downtown even more fragmented and unnavigable than it already is.  

These issues are of utmost concern to Main Access. Please check back soon for more information about where we think we should go from here. 

Thank you for your continued interest and support!

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